Gettin' high in the skybox, I can see it (See it)
Hot spot and it's plushed out, and it's lit, yeah (Litty)
Screwed, chopped, hmm, Gucci socks, got 'em drippy (Drippy)
f*ck the cops, we can't be stopped, just admit it

[Verse 1]
Hey (Hey), hey (Hey), hey (Hey)
Put some diamonds in Chrome Hearts lens
Bought a new Benz, lost some more friends
Stretchin' my hands, money all in
f*ckin' her friend, break her in bed
Hundred in tens, count it in yens
Trust in God thin, keep a FN
I gotta go (Go), I gotta spend
I drove a boat, I'll drive again
Ain't got no note, I ain't got no rent
I am a goat, I am a man (Yeah)
We in the low, we smokin' dope (Ah)
We keep it close, you with the folks (Oh)
Give him a dose (Uh), give me some throat
Lil' bitty ho, you already know (You know)
b*tch, we the topic, the sauce for the toppings, you know that they copyin' you, woah (You, woah)
They cleanin' and moppin', these b*tches, they hoppin', I couldn't fall out with the bro, uh
Hotter than Taki, I like it, I cop it, ain't nobody stoppin' the growth, uh (Nobody stoppin' the growth)
Smoke Lodi Dodi, we sit in the lobby, we just rented out the whole floor, uh
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