Lyrics from Snippet 1

These hoes forget it
That's no cap, I'm in the 'Ghini
It's really rap, this ain't a gimmick
I had to trap, now I got plenty
I'm in the castle f*ckin' a genie
Hop out out the castle, she want [?]
I don't got time for, broke of the Henny
Turned to a savage, I'm out of Atlanta
[?] broke of the
Pay for [?] in the V12

Lyrics from Snippet 2

I am no goon, I am a man
We in the room, we smokin' dope
We keep it close, you with the folks
Livin' in dangers, up to the throat
Lil' bitty hoe, you already know
b*tch be [?]
You know they copy your "Woah"
They couldn't...

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