"Inside They Head*"

Lyrics from Snippet

One inside they head, I ain't got to c*ck it (No)
Two thousand for my pants 'cause they pocket watchin' (Yeah)
b*tch, don't leave the Lamb' 'less I got a deposit (Yeah)
Strapped up with my mans 'cause the streets are poppin' (Ooh)
I hopped up out the Porsche and jumped straight in the 'Rarri (Skrrt)
15 million bands or more, how they waitin' on my projects (Waitin' on my projects)
This a coupe, thirty bands and go, yo, look at my luggage (No cap)
I got too big, these strangers walkin', now it havin' me clutchin'
Spent a car, turned it on, it's a Mulsanne
Black on black lil' [?] look like Bruce Wayne (Bruce Wayne)
This sh*t ain't 'bout money but I'm true to the game (I'm true to the game)
Disrespect my crew and we gon' shoot like Dwayne (Racks)
See me comin' through, lil' n*gga, move out the way (Move out the way)
You try to rock me in the [?], we done blew up your face (Blew up your face)
I'm at the [?] in the 'Rarri but I chill in Palace
[?], I can't let that n*gga f*ck up my-

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