It's easy to slip, don't want you to fall
I drip on this b*tch like Met Gala, ballin'
Answer her texts, don't answer her calls

Yeah, she sent me a text, won't answer her call
She love when I flex and shop in the mall
Relieving her stress, I beat down her walls
Skeet-skeet on her chest, she kissin' my balls
We speed in that 'Vette, don't stop for the laws
VVs on my neck, I shine in the dark
It's easy to slip, don't want you to fall
Walk in with the drip, that Met Gala Ball

[Verse 1]
Shoot your sh*t up, I got accurate aim
f*cked up a few mil', now I'm back like I came
That boy say my name, I went and got me some strain
You know I don't crash, I just stay in my lane
Please don't compare, because we not the same
GunWun ain't no gimmick, ain't clownin' for fame
I trapped for a living and been had a name
Work hard for these clothes, cars, and watches and chains
Oh, man, Rolls-Royce got umbrellas, this whip for the rain
These folks done f*cked up, let me slip in the game
This b*tch let me f*ck, this sh*t went to her brain
She know I'm a beast, and ain't easy to tame
She squirt on my sheets while I beat out her frame
Dozed off, woke back up, she still sayin' my name
In love with my life, and you wish we could trade
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