Me and Wheezy, we the wave (Wave)
Turbo, he the great

It feel like I'm on some (Yeah)
I don't back down to no one (Yeah)
That big body Rolls comin' (That big body Rolls comin')
You broke boys ain't havin' nothin' (Nah)
He tried finesse, so I let that .44 go
He ran like he stole somethin' (He ran like he stole somethin')
These n*ggas act like hoes, playin' clothes
One reason I pack a gun (Yeah)

[Verse 1]
Let off some shots while I hold it steady (Hold it steady)
We copping Pateks, we never petty (Nah)
Look at my jacket, cost fifty, fifty (Fifty, fifty)
Lil' baby nasty, spaghetti ready (Yeah)
I had two shows in a day, both one hunnid K (Hunnid K)
My pockets feel heavy, heavy (Heavy, heavy)
Flew to New York, had to go and see Eliantte (Hey)
I left with baguettie-guetties (Baguette 'guetties)
Black history AP in February (Yeah)
Ain't no misery in me, sh*t legendary (Yeah)
Swear this industry sweeter than CherryBerry (Yeah)
They try me, I'ma shoot like I'm Larry, Larry (Yeah)
They be lookin' at me like a cash cow (Cash cow)
Tryna milk me, ain't given 'em no dairy (No)
Bae out of town, got 'em runnin' wild (Ah)
Drivin' boats, she try whip a whole ferry (Try whip a whole ferry)
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