Ballin' hard, break the rules (Rules)
I didn't come here to lose (Nah)
Fresh, first day of school (School)
Diamonds wetter than a pool, oh
I don't play around, I don't play around, don't play around (Don't play around)
I ain't playin' 'round, I don't play around, don't play around (I ain't playin' around)
Mink fur when it's cold (Cold)
Neck full of rose gold (Rose gold)
I've been reachin' my goals (My goals)
Travel all across the globe, oh
I don't play around, I don't play around, don't play around (Don't play around)
I don't play around, I ain't playin' 'round, don't play around (Don't play around)

[Verse 1]
Poverty (Yeah)
No cash for the gas, stove a heater, this is poverty (This is poverty)
In the hood sellin' trash, bustin' gats, givin' mama money on the lease (Yeah)
We gotta eat, fast forward, now I'm on the Forbes, say I got a lot of cheese
Count a lot of G's, we ain't poor no more, ain't nobody ever bother me (Nah)
Baby say she wanna swallow me (Swallow me)
Maybe later, that's if anything (Anything)
I'm critiquing my quality (Yeah)
People listenin' to anything (Anything)
You remind me of a Billie Jean
Listen, baby, you will never get a ring
Yeah, I'm high, but I ain't goin' for anything (Nah)
Yeah, this money green, but we weren't never green (Never green)
Blow your sh*t up 'til it's smithereens
Long live Nipsey, pus*y n*ggas killed a king (Killed a king)
I'ma foul a n*gga, f*ck a penalty
Money all in, ain't no in-between
I got Hog and Cobby 'til infinity (Yeah)
I got Nech and Booka 'til infinty (Yeah)
Kill our enemies, party with some b*tches in the Philippines
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