Hmm, hmm

I can make a check in my sleep (My sleep)
I stay in my lane like a street (Street)
Only want the range for a week (For a week)
It's twenty bands for the seats (Hey)
Commas going on my receipts (My receipts)
I feel like a dog, I can eat (Hey)
I done took the doors off a jeep (Hey)
I don't play with my nose but I'm geeked (Geeked)

[Verse 1]
I know I was poor, but I took some hoes to the beach (The beach)
I know I never owed ya
Asking me for money, you a leech (You a leech)
Wunna running cold, yeah, on this motherf*ckin' beat (On the beat)
I know you see the pole, stars, seven different shows for a week (For a week)
I'm sure you n*ggas know, (Luh) that'll getchu buried six feet (Six feet)
I think you n*gga's so tough, till you really see me in the street (In the street)
I went and got my own buss down
Clothes never cheap (Never cheap)
I know a n*gga going, bout' and went gold off a leak
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