Wheezy outta here

Yeah you better not pour heavy
In the 'lamb, on a addy
I got three hoes, run the valley
These new Diors, not for belly
Stack that money, Eiffel, 'pari
I shoot jumpers, call me Larry
Don't need the [?], I need a [?]
Don't need a sponsor, already havin'

[Verse 1]
They calling me the man
Had to slow down, I done bought too many chains
Car a [?] but the engine a mini [?]
The Maybach wood grain like my Cartiers
Money speak for me, ain't much I gotta say
Don't care how much I made, I still gotta save
International, getting it all kinds of ways
The ambassador, get every paid
You lamеs aren't charged to the gamе
Heard you got a n*gga framed, you should be ashamed
I was shackled on the chain from a selling-full of grain
Now I'm rocking hella chains, thanking God for a change
Free the slime Melly, sh*t be hard to explain
I just wanna [?] like [?] and [?] out with some brains
Had the feeling that I'm ready through my heart, in my vein
Pop a perc and in a second you be numbing the pain
I come from the home of the brave
I don't go back and forth, but I don't really want you to stay
I got mad support and all type of fans, different races
Drive the fastest Porsche and I ain't even here for a race
What's a million, that they thank me for booking a chase
n*ggas looking, better think before you looking this way
'Lotta money in the bank and it's all of a faith
It's a phantom don, you can't call this a wraith
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