[Chorus: Gunna]
Came up with a hustle when we all made a killin'
Came from out the struggle, we can all spend a million
Chrome Heart for the children, talk to God dressed in linen
Got my dawg in the system, pay it all to appealing
All for the healin', codeine raw when you sippin'
I lost all of my feelings, drive a car with no ceiling
Pretty broads with me chillin', smashin' hard like a engine
Got a 9, that's a semi for you boys you act silly

[Verse 1: Marlo]
Straight up out the struggle
Y'all gon' cop a brick and I'ma make it worth double
She just let me hit and now she f*ckin' on my brother
Your b*tch, shе with the sh*t and now she tellin' you shе love you and she put no one above you
I been goin' hard off of that pack since I was little
Big up on a perc, we pop them b*tches like they Skittles
I was born off in that jungle raised by gorillas
And some killers that don't give a f*ck about none you n*ggas
Free [?], told my dawg I'ma bring him home, that's my word
Yeah, b*tch I'm pitchin' bricks up off that curb
Yeah, you can get your issue on that curb
Way before Corona, we was curb servin'
I took a risk to get that paper, it was worth it
I took a hunnid, caught two bricks and started workin'
You caught me cheatin', I broke your heart and you ain't deserve it
Now is it worth it?
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