"Switchin’ Sides"

Oh, oh, oh, oh

These dogs, I could never switch sides (Sides)
[?] but I'm a [?] and you know I'm gon' try (Try)
When I look at the stars and I wish that I could fly (Fly)
I'm glad I took a shot (Shot)
He hotter than a fire (Hotter than a fire)
Ha, I'ma let you die
I got way too many brothers that's livin' in the sky
Ain't no one else above us unless you mention God (God)
Our enemies despise us (Despise us)
We still ain't switchin' sides (Switchin' sides)

I woke up in a mansion
All these different places, I can't take this sh*t for granted (No)
Giving drip and they say thеy say I'm a dripping bandit (Bandit)
Roof panorama [?] Wagon from my auntie (Auntie)
Differеnt foreign cars, Tropicana call it candy (Candy)
Don't gotta work hard just to get that out her panties (Out her panties)
I ain't with the fraud n*ggas, fake, I know already (Already)
This ain't no facade I got real baguettes
Put my jewelry on, my neck feel heavy (Heavy)
I'm up here with the stars, this sh*t ain't ever landing (This sh*t ain't ever landing)
I keep her on my side, my little baby in handy (Yeah)
She told me call her Brandy 'cause she ain't drinkin' many (She ain't drinkin' many)
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