"High End"


Come through this b*tch in a big-body Benz, Cartier lens
Can't get no b*tch 'cause I'm f*ckin' her friends
Look at my fabric, really a savage, keep automatics
Step in this b*tch and this sh*t could get tragic
I got this sh*t on these n*ggas, be cappin' (Oh), money keep pilin'
Livin' life, everything high end, everything lavish
I get the cabbage, live in the city of magic
f*ck on this lil' pretty b*tch out in Magic (Magic)
Put the di*k in her tummy, I'm gettin' too much of the money (Yeah)
Wrist on tsunami, n*ggas is funny
Act like they gangster, get hit with a hundred
n*ggas don't want it
You can get slapped (Grrah), with a brick and run off with your money
You n*ggas is sweeter than honey

[Verse 1]
Neck and my wrist is so lovely
These n*ggas so bummy, these n*ggas be fumblin' and crumblin' (Yeah)
I got a bag, n*ggas that want it, I pull up, I'm on it, these n*ggas get smashed
I take him out like the trash, two fifty in cash, all in the bag
n*ggas is bad, n*ggas ain't havin' no cash
n*ggas, they goin' outside sad (Yeah)
b*tch, I'm your dad, you gon' do just what I tell her
I pimp on that b*tch and go f*ck in the cellar
Realer, I hit the street with my gun and a pillow
Jumped off the porch when that n*gga was little
Hangin' with killers and dealers
These n*ggas be cappin', these n*ggas ain't with it
I just be trappin' and flippin' (Yeah)
Traffick that pack out the trenches (Yeah)
Get hit with a bomb, act like you dumb
Look at how far I done come (Yeah), I started with crumbs
I got a loaf, look at my wrist and the diamonds, I need me a float
Water, I got a quarter, f*ck on your daughter, watch how I slaughter (Yeah)
Run through your hood like da Marta, I lock it down like The Carter
Act like they wanna get slaughtered
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