Nicki Minaj


You can call me 'The Don Dada'
I's calling a Don 'Dada'
Stunting like my daddy
You're sons, I'm called 'Father'
If our compensation come belated
Imma confiscate it
I was running up a bag
Dived in, now you see I'm in it
You're acquainted with the quaintest men and women
I was made to switch a blade and leave a trace of bleeding tissue
They just wanna F with me
Imma need a Fader issue
Why they always testin' me?
I don't have a page to give you
We can both go rounds
Like tires on the cold ground
Both attached to the metal
The one that gets blown out
Is the one that's always fronting
You pig, your own snout
Should be filled by the smell of the projects you put out
C'mon Nicki, I'm dope!
Killed it in your style
I even sampled Wayne
To enhance this whole sound
This was such a breeze
They get a C, cold house
They thought the heat of speech was so easy to tone down
But I'm never at a low
You'll never hear tone down
Before I try to build
Everything gets torn down
Everybody driven to hit me
Please, turn round
Hold weight, like I ate
And then I just turned round
I'll do this beat again
This only the first round
I did the art too
I do all my own now
Please Nicki, I'll eat!
I need a show now!
I'll design the whole thing;
I need us tourin' 'round

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