Nicki Minaj

"My Second #MegatronChallenge"

I said I'd do it again
I’m talented with the pen
Last time you rappers died
Bet you thought it would end
But I'm bringing you back to life
To commit murder again
Everytime I drop, hearts'll stop
And then they will descend
All you rappers are my sons
Daughters and family friends
Bet you’ll be surprised when I put this onto the 'gram
And mention I was able to pen this in less than 10
Minutes, just like the other 44 bars that I did
In the day that came before this one
I keep the hammer, Nordic God
My man got bricks, he's fortified
And all these people're mortified
The more he raps with forty kinds
Of flips on his name
Tone is as dark at the man that said he's a mortal Guy
That's Kendrick!
I got a butterfly knife, Imma pimp it
By pushing it into the hood that you step in
Let's quit, I'm about peace and equality
But if you want to fight, 10 out of 10
That means you take all of me

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