Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix) lyrics


Nicki Minaj

[Intro: Rick James & Nicki Minaj]
She's alright (Ayo)
That girl's alright with me (This the queen mix right here)
Miami, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, stand the f*ck up (Yeah)
Ayo (Brr, oop, hey, hey, hey, hey)

[Pre-Chorus: Nicki Minaj]
I can lick it, I can ride it while you slippin' and slidin'
I can do all them little tricks and keep the di*k up inside it
You can smack it, you can grip it, you can go down and kiss it
And every time he leave me 'lone, he always tell me he miss it

[Chorus: Nicki Minaj, Rick James & JT]
He want a F-R-E-A-K (Freaky girl)
F-R-E-A-K (Freaky girl)
A-K, A-K, A-K
E-A-K (Freaky girl)
F-R-E— (Uh, JT)

[Verse 1: JT & Nicki Minaj]
Pink pus*y, pink coupe, no roof
Made him eat my pus*y leavin' NOBU
Maxed out his card, f*ck the total (Yeah)
Pulled up for a check, pus*y mobile
Freak b*tch, legs up, cash too (Cash)
n*ggas eye f*ck me when I pass through (Eye)
CC this pus*y, you a buy n*gga
Can't be broke and be my n*gga (No)
Neck froze all year, cold summer
Bad b*tch, get him for his pin numbers
Eat the pus*y, beat the pus*y, drill drummer
Big racks, all I'ma tryna get from him
Yo, Nick'? (What up, JT?)
You the winner (Thank you)
And I'm the princess of this sh*t
And a motherf*ckin' gang member
[Bridge: Nicki Minaj & BIA]
Brr, haha
F-F-Freak (Gang, gang got the hammer and the wrench)
Some gyal ah freak, gyal ah freak (Why you body that verse like that?)
Gyal ah freak, freak, freak, freak (Nicki, Nicki, BIA)

[Verse 2: BIA]
I'ma take the whole thing if I'm takin' the di*k (I'ma take it, I'ma take it)
And I got ninety-nine problems 'cept for makin' it fit (Oh)
I see some b*tches, mini-me's, and it's makin' me sick (Ew)
I'm just the realest b*tch you seen with Nicki takin' a pic (Barbia)
I like all my diamonds dancin' (Uh)
They wanna know if we f*ck in a mansion
Mmm, ask Nicki
If I'm in the room, then sh*t get sticky
I'm so bad I could touch myself again
f*ck myself like the Clermont twins (Uh)
He wanna f*ck on all my friends (Uh)
I'm too rich for an OnlyFans

[Bridge: Nicki Minaj]
Ayo, Drillary Clinton

[Verse 3: Katie Got Bandz & Nicki Minaj]
I'm a very freaky girl, so don't bring me to mama's (Uh-huh)
If I pull up with that blicky stickin' out of my Prada (Bang-bang)
And I ain't goin' if you broke, so go get you some dollars (Okay)
I get my own, you know the saying, "Mo Money, Mo Problems"
He like 'em freaky, pus*y squeaky
Give me that tongue, make it leaky
I make it wet, nickname Fiji (Ooh)
Let him record me, turn it to me, me (Yeah)
Now he only seeing me, me
All on his mind, I told him to leave me (On God)
You don't love me, you love that I'm freaky
Can't play with my heart, better play with your wee-wee
Hahahaha, AK
[Verse 4: Akbar V]
Told him, "Leave that b*tch alone she ain't f*ckin' you right" (f*ck her)
You can beat it but you gotta wear a glove like Mike (Yeah)
You know the di*k real good, he be doin' it right (I'm on it)
I'm talkin' doin' it and doin' it and doin' it (Ooh)
While his b*tch blowin' up my phone every other night (Uh-huh)
But I can't argue with no bum b*tch
I'm cool J, take a LL (f*ck, yeah)
And I'm too player to ever kiss and tell (Shh)
Your n*gga spend a forty right at Chanel
Then I send him back to you like, "Farewell"
He give me left strokes, back strokes
Put that D all down my throat (Yeah)
No gag reflex, I ain't never gon' choke (Ooh)
Bad ass b*tch, I ain't never goin' broke (Ow)
Can't mention the freak without AK, that's 'Bar, b*tch

[Bridge: Nicki Minaj]
Freak, f-f-freak (How you gonna say, "No gag reflex, ain't never gonna choke?" Haha)
Some gyal ah freak, gyal ah freak, gyal ah freak, freak, freak
Ayo, New York, Malii

[Verse 5: Maliibu Miitch]
He wanna eat it, if he bite it, I'ma turn 'round and fight him
I'ma put this pus*y on him, have him sleepin' like NyQuil
What's up daddy? He like mami, I jacked UE's from Biden
I'm like, "Oh, just keep me fly", drippy stylin', profilin', uh
'Cause these b*tches be eaters and bottom feeders (Uh)
I been had stripes like I'm down with Adidas (Uh)
b*tches on my body 'cause it's follow the leader (Uh)
n*ggas on my body 'cause I'm hot like a heater
Price goin' up like a cab with a meter
Bad little bitty, they be fiendin' to meet her
Bad little bitty, they be fiendin' to be her

[Verse 6: Nicki Minaj]
Whole lotta money like Nicki and BIA
Keep your two cents, b*tch, this ain't a meter
I ain't talkin' Spanish when I say, "Señorita"
Told that b*tch ghost writer, "Yo, send your reader"
Oh, you ain't know, ho? Ask Wikipedia
These b*tches hungry, guess I'm just greedier
These b*tches ugly, my b*tches prettier
Horseback ridin', I be like, "Giddy up"
When I touch a city, paint it red like graffiti up
I ain't gotta beg for sympathy from the media
Eediat, mm-mm, haha, ha, hahaha, ha, haha
Mm-mm, mm-mm
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