Şehinşah - Koyu (English Translation) lyrics



[Intro: Sena Şener]
Hold me I'm falling the colors are dark
Nothing, my hurt to you

[Verse 1]
The place where I fell is deep from the bottom
I'm in tongues as I walk
I have no one to listen to me
I'll draw the picture of my torture
If you don't push my chair
Smoke screen follows me
Love if you want to love
Disgusting ropes
Violates my principles
I swear I'm high
Even the good ones make me sick to my stomach
If I smoke, drink poison comes from within
Thousands listen to me
But only me listen to you, my fairy
It's hard work if you wish me to lock up like dogs
I'm vagrant
I'm one of those types who lost their way
Religions seem primitive to me
If you believe, you can't go beyond
Brain wants evidence
So I did'nt examine
I didn't bend when I was little
If only I knew what is cheating

[Chorus 1]
I have a space (I have)
Bloodsucking creatures (-s) can't get into here
I'm only and only hurting myself (I have)
'Cause I've got a weakness for only drug (I have)
Ey! (Woo)

[Verse 2]
I'm a stranger if I hide among the optimists
I don't get angry at my miserable life and I got its slap from time to time
Pull me out of mistakes (Eey!)
I want to follow the lies and come between you
I want to change
Mechanize me again, the system
Since I know the truth, all the feelings I know are gone
Colors are dark now
Bring madness
Madness, clear
My only job is Rap
It can't make a living
Diaper ends every time
Baby wants it
Doesn't know what is the money, what is the work
His tiny hands didn't get dirty
His most valuable things are marbles
And all the cartoons
Benefit of Adults
Adults hold grudges
Adults dirt can't clean mentally
There are inaccessible doors
Defeat, beat and content oneself with
There are memories pushing the chair
All of them pessimist, annoying
Every one who calls to madness
Selections are terrible
Those who are believed to be right when contradicting
They think lynching elitist individuals is a blessing (Eey!)
[Chorus 2]
I have a space (I have)
Poor people I know can't get in
Experiences hinders my forgiveness
'Cause I've got a call until my other life (Ay!)

[Verse 3]
No crime has been uncommitted
Girl, get angry and vomit words in my face
I'm far from the herd, I'm incorrigible, I'm on my own
I'm one of the walking birds, I'm at the ends, I'm one of the first
I'm with rotting souls, we're fly internalizing (Ah)
We are dociles who are thinking, we are hoping to be heeded
It blesses them who in need of ash, it takes things that are good
Compromiser wolves gather, they slit my rumen and eat it raw
My meat is my grant
I'm sure if I'm cooked I'll be delicious
Iskender made from me is good (Haha)
Salted, rested
Its crisis and reunions ruined my dream
I fall, I get up, if you'll wish me to wake up, put the ropes around my neck and mention me bad
Pierce my eyes is no problem
Your tides can't change mentally what's inside of me
It's pitch dark here ever since I could remember, the place I came from is deep from the bottom
I'm in a place where demons earn money from religion
I'm in hell
[Chorus 3]
I have a space
Oppressors can't get into here
And shallows who don't put their mistakes on the table
'Cause I got my own plan

[Outro: Sena Şener]
I'm like a stranger here
Hold me, I'm falling the colors are dark
Hold me, I'm falling the colors are dark
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