Bankroll Fresh

"Mind, Body, & Soul"

I can rush
Street Money Worldwide
The rebirth
I come before you today


[Verse 1]
I want the fortune, motherf*ck the fame
I want the Bentley, motherf*ck the Range
God, please forgive me, this sh*t, I'ma kill it
This sh*t from my soul, this sh*t from my spirit
Can't go nowhere if you ain't got no vision
Can't go nowhere if you don't know the distance
Fresh as hell, Sunday school, Clive Christian
Fresh as hell, Sunday school, fire with me
Fox News, cracker took six women
If he was black, he would've had six in him
Six in the head, another n*gga dead, what the paper read?
Lately, I been really close to the edge
Lot of crazy sh*t go through my head
Prayin' I don't slip and go to the fed
Give you thirty for a quote that you said
n*ggas turn to real hoes when they scared
Run they mouths like lil' ho when they sad
Pillow talkin' with your ho in the bed
All they told your whole ho what I said (Switch it up)
Solid only way I know how to play it
Powder only way I know how to weigh it
Grind harder when your sack in the red
If I ain't have it, sh*t, I know I'd be dead, yeah
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