"Forrest Gump (Demo)"

Forrest Gump (ayy)
I see everyone run off
That field get lock off when I'm up front (ayy)
Don't try approach me
Hazard and smokey, don't be dumb (ayy)
I still send emoji
More time trophy to gorgeous ones
Spartan baby, we're the realist ones (ayy)

[Verse 1]
Trackie and Italian shoes
Or I'm stepping in some retro J's
Pretty one come my way
Harlem paid, we all misch mash all day
Uck try buck whole squad
Mm-mm she ain't got no shame (ayy)
Still putting skengs on peds
What a violent trend don't talk on my name (ayy)
You know, I know, I was looking for you baby
Spartan boy, not your average type
Cah I splash up thе ops and they hate me
I lovе bruck-back, spinners and baby 9's
More champagne I'm feeling way too fly
Smoking on flavours, I'm way too high
And bro traps with me daily
Big man is your trap really online
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