Freddie Gibbs


[Intro: JAHMED]
Ayy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ayy, yeah

[Chorus: JAHMED]
I say, "Go, lil' ho"
Keep in convo, then I'm on ten but you knew that though
Is you out or in? Please don't make this sh*t that difficult
Whip ain't got tints, give a glimpse of who in that ho
20/20 lens give a glimpse of who in that ho (Okay)

[Verse 1: JAHMED]
Straight out the park
Whip it then park
Sammy like Sosa, f*ck up your block, then call that sh*t art
Baby got brain like Notre the Dame, but that b*tch ain't smart
I'm playing it safe 'cause these hoes be lying like n*ggas not smart
I play the field with cobras
n*gga, my mama a soldier
n*gga, my daddy a soldier
I might just throw up a set, I might just flick up a poses
I might just run up a bill
All of my n*ggas in the lobby, ho
I might just sleep with the steel, uh
Gripping this 'til all anxiety's gone
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