Depeche Mode

"Shout! [Live in London, Hammersmith Odeon, UK - 1982/10/25]"

[Intro: Dave Gahan]
"This is Shout!"

[Verse 1: Dave Gahan]
She was silent, trying to be
Like the girl who acted on the TV
Always knowing when to say
Wishing for a moment so that they could see

[Pre-Chorus 1: Dave Gahan]
Staring in the night
A picture in my room
And I think that she knew her lines

[Chorus: Dave Gahan & Martin L. Gore]
Break away tonight
I wanna hold your hand
We've got to get it right
We've got to understand

[Verse 2: Dave Gahan]
Carefully watching waiting
As I stood upon the back streets and we start to play
I was screaming louder
As the curtains fall between us in a twisted way
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