Depeche Mode

"Ice Machine [Live in Liverpool, Empire Theatre, UK - 1984/09/29]"

[Verse 1: Dave Gahan]
Running through my head secretly
The shouts of the boys in the factory
I ring you on the telephone silently
Like blood, like the wine in the darkroom scene

[Chorus: Dave Gahan & Martin L. Gore]
The darkroom scene
Darkroom scene

[Verse 2: Dave Gahan]
A letter, once composed
Seven years long and as tall as a tree
Reading on the wall
Emissions, efficiency

[Chorus: Dave Gahan & Martin L. Gore]

[Bridge: Dave Gahan]
Resurrect (Resurrect)
As a feeling (As a feeling)
On my window (On my window)
Of a past reunion (Reunion)
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