Baby, I’m For Real (The Bells) lyrics


Marvin Gaye


[Verse 1]
I hear them, I hear them
Chiming their song of love
Ringing for us above
Beautiful bells of love
I hear the bells (Ooh)
Mm hmm

[Verse 2]
Each time I am near you
I hear those wonderous sounds
Spinning my head around
For it's true I've found
I hear the bells

As long as you're with me
As long as you kiss me
No fear will ever haunt my blissful heart
For you are my life
You're my own paradise

(Ooh) Ooh
And I hear the bells (Ooh)
Mmm hmm (I'll marry you)
[Verse 3]
Courage and hope and joy and faith and strength
Came to me from above
I gladly give you all these things
Darling, to prove my love

[Verse 4]
And bells will be ringing
The bells will be singing above
My darling, we will always hear the bells (Ooh)

Ooh, they're ringing for us, the bells (Ooh)
Mmm, chiming our song of love, the bells (Ooh)
Ooh ooh, the bells, ooh (Ooh)
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