Teflon Don lyrics



Real Rx

[Verse 1]
Why the f*ck you told that n*gga you had his back?
[?] when he found out Sammy was a rat
I walk in this b*tch like the Teflon Don
Answer Auntie’s call like “What the f*ck you want?”
Don't never let them break this thing of ours
Old murder to the grave, the coldest silence
They don't put in work like Paulie Castellano
Why the f*ck you think Gotti whacked Castellano?
I walk in this b*tch like one of the Gambinos
I'm crip but I like dubs over c-notes
Auntie walk in the kitchen, catch a heatstroke
She still smokе crack even though she had three strokеs
You wouldn't know nothing about the sh*t I went through
I hate when n*ggas talk about what they finna do
n*ggas know your move 'cause you front your move
When I'm in the hood, I'm super comfortable
Looking for an opp, can't wait to bump into him
Glick on me, n*gga, watch what the f*ck you're doing
These b*tch ass n*ggas don't follow guidelines
n*ggas be watching the game from the sidelines
I seen two brothers fall out over drugs
They ready to kill each other and they both blood
It's something 'bout that money that have you f*cked up
'Fore you jump in this game, better know what you're doing
[Interlude: Sample]
The crime boss John Gotti has been sentenced to life in prison with no parole. Gotti was said to be the most powerful crime figure in America, he was certainly the most visible and the most flamboyant. And he used to have a reputation for being untouchable

[Verse 2]
I show up to court half an hour late
Before I walked in this b*tch, I smoked a whole eighth
I got the glick on me, I know it ain't safe
These pus*y ass n*ggas tryna take my place
Walk in this b*tch like the '95 Ma$e
With a nutsack full of raw base
Get knocked for the crime and I'm holding you down
My hand on my gun when I'm rolling around
Any given second, this sh*t can go down
I'm shooting off rip, b*tch, I'm telling you now
Hammer on me, I'm nailing 'em down
Dumbass look stiff and stale on the ground
I walk in this b*tch, I better not hear a sound
Who the f*ck is you and who the f*ck brought you 'round?
I don't really do that good with new faces
In my experience, that lead to new cases
I got way too much sh*t on my brain
I got a verse to do and I'm tryna cook 'caine
A feature that I owe a n*gga from two days ago
I was gonna dead 'em, but I ain't gonna do 'em shady though
Let me whip seven grams and I'ma do that verse
But before I do all that, let me boot up first
Don't never cross the line, you gotta know your turf
Like Gotti, I'll hit a n*gga where it hurt
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