Day of the Prophets (Anniversary Bonus) lyrics


Killah Priest

2nd Esdras chapter 16
Woe be unto thee, Babylon, and Asia!
Woe be unto thee, Egypt and Syria!
Gird up yourselves with cloths of sack and hair
Bewail your children, and be sorry; for your destruction is at hand

[Verse 1]
Looking at the Earth filled with darkness
Through the windows of Spofford
Seeing' the crimes, evil times, backslide
As the fornicators, investigators, scorners and haters
Adulteress, kids, sorcerers with witches
Snitches carving' b*tches, scars and stitches
Death threats, TECs, welfare checks and sex
It's my desire to see the Messiah rеturn to burn the entire еmpire
From the Book of Zechariah
Char of fire require you attack the map from the north
Behold the pale horse; the Earth force
Make way, run for your 12 gauge and your AK
Mayday, mayday, mayday, war parade in the USA
The White House masquerade, universal ways
Spiritual renegade, the street's are barricade
Death, grenades, blaze the anti-matter rays
AIDS, blaze, New Age, hurricane, tidal wave of slaves
Follow the maze to the grave
Those who dis-obey now OBEY
Something satanic invades the planet, PANIC
Sun of Man versus the Uncle Sam
The lion of Judah meets the computer
Alert the sharpshooter for the intruders
Then send the weapons that were nuclear up to Jupiter
The new star will be LUCIFER
Global track next space sistic
The racism; the great wisdom of Malcolm X
I'm stressed on house arrest
The reunion at the Soviet Union is RUINED
Navy seals, babies killed
The scholar reveal the secrets of the dollar bill
New World Order, this is slaughter
As Sodom and Gomorrah, as the beast rise from the bottom of the water
Having 7 heads with plagues
The FEDS versus the dreads
Universal violence, I remain in silence to throw the enemy off the balance
I'm the good shepherd that protected the sheep form the leopard
The thugs push off their last minute drugs
Families get their final hugs
The marines jump in they submarines and get their machine-guns
No more Sun-light, the final fight
Bring forth your pitchforks and your pipes
And your shovels, rebels and the devils are now level
Bacteria becomes superior, Man becomes INFERIOR
[Chorus] x4
In the day of the PROPHETS

[Verse 2]
Ghost in the cloud, smoke arise over the crowd
I heard the cries fill the skies after I revealed the lies
And the destruction of the sword draw up blood
As the reaping of the unholy and the unjust thieve
The whoremongers wonder, thunder, lightning striking
It's frightening, the rain
The sleet, the lame and the meek
The weak stand upon their feet in white sheets
Quite deep as the Earth tremble at the symbol of the seven and the twelve
Heaven and Hell, be well
War, missiles, nuclear missiles, disaster, burn up the pastor and the cross
The day of the PROPHET
The messengers of the apocalypse
From the top of the METROpolis mountain
Slowly amounting', counting' seconds away from the final day
Man, woman, boy, girl begin to curl
It will only last a minute once I'm in it to break the timid creature
The soul seeker, give me yo 9 millimeter
I would not meet ya as a man
Isaiah 42 verse 13, scream, the sword sharpen, strokes
Across the throat, pokes then you cold
Business closed, assaults
The rooster last crow
The day of the prophet, winter turns colder
The babies are dressed like soldiers in their strollers
The great sacrifice, the Anti-Christ, THE HEAVENS UNITE
[Chorus] x6
The day of the PROPHETS
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