Spider lyrics


Killah Priest

Lonely spider in the Philippines, watched his eggs just hatch
Thousands of spiderlings, the web is a map of their memories, wintery
Beneath the web, looking for a snack is the centipede
That said the orbed web, been above the warm bed of Horemheb, the last pharaoh
Then he saw the shadow of a sparrow
Then he dashed quickly, my faded imagery
As I drift into a coma like state, like I'm under anеsthesia
I'm having a moment, a reflеction on life, while experiencing amnesia
As the spider silk spins, in private as the night begins
The widow spider, sits in the middle of a spiral
Above a cracked window, [?] Cairo
The web is the mind of the spider, so it sends out signals [?] tribal
To West Africa, a tarantula, the stamina
Its venom killing random bugs
And rodents, it's so potent
They control the grounds in Madagascar
Threads of rain shower the grass
Above the terrain, sits the queen with the red hourglass
Along the streams and the spread flowers of the pass
She's the first architect, her silk created the moon
As she spinned around it, ten trillion times with the spinnerets
Then she harpooned to Neptune
Forming a bridge, then release loose thread
Forming a y-shape to make the stars connect
Her celestial cycles resonate synchronicity
Fell to other insects, invisibility
Eight eyes, eight legs. Eight, the symbol of infinity
Eight, eight plus eight, my born date
The same tranquility, Babylon the great mystery
I saw the spider form a enneagram
A wheel withinside of a wheel, from the pineal gland
Upon each strand was a wavy cross
That emanated a radiant energy, that captured the moth
If lured into it's soft, the spider wrapped it like a cloth
Pin his venom in him, then turned him to a broth
Sucked his juices, the web then loosens and cut him off
The spider
The spider
Winter's near, spin his fears
Packed in a double tetrahedron geometric array
The Darwin's bark spider, weaved his arch higher
In the cool of the day, then collected his prey
Web tunnels and funnels
And around burrows, like underground railroads
The Brazilian wandering spider lays his eggs
The wolf spider on a rock to sunbathe
One hung from a cave from one leg
Web spun in a café, Monday
The jumping spider and the peac*ck spider dancing romantic for me
While the diving bell spider swimming through his bubble, deep beneath the lake
The golden orb is so strong
That the people of New Guinea use it for fishing nets
Watch it glisten, when wet
It's like pearls on the neck, of a forest girl in a dress
The daddy longlegs, crawls down my memories 'till the song fades
The cobs is my pillow, the willow
I'm smelling salted caramel and cooked apple [?]
The spiderweb catches a ghost
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