"G sh*t"

I ain't tryna be sentimental
You know our time here is so little
Where them dollars at?
From the dirt, did my spin and got it clean like laundromats
Could've fallen flat but still kept it all intact
That's G sh*t
Now that's G sh*t
But it's easy when it's crackin'
So all you see is greed behind them lashes
I can't blame 'em
f*ckin' on a fifty-thousand dollar mattress
She know that, she wanted one of these fifty-thousand dollar mattress
Put the camera on her and she turn it on like the fifty-million dollar actress
This life I live ain't by no accident (n*gga)
Supposed to be havin' sh*t
Was built to be havin' sh*t
Always gon' have sh*t
I'm always gon' have the baddest b*tch
That's badder than my last b*tch
That was a bad b*tch her damn self
Wish I knew how my fans felt
Watchin' they n*gga, always do G sh*t (sh*t)
n*gga, G sh*t
My mama told me I was gon' be this (What?)
f*ck all that fake humble sh*t I be postin'
You either choose or be chosen
So don't move with emotion
Just move how you supposed to
Keep your plans real close
Keep your crew even closer
A few boos, I'm just jokin', baby
Energized and I'm focused
While strategizin' I noticed
I use, way too much time worrying 'bout my opponents
Worrying 'bout who don't like this or don't like that
Let me turn it down a little
'Cause these n*ggas ain't like that, for real
Me I'm like that, for real
And n*ggas don't like that, for real
And when that pill used to hit (Woo)
n*gga it was lights out, for real (Sheesh)

But I always moved on G sh*t
Never no yee sh*t
Ride my own wave 'til I'm seasick
Real n*ggas strive to be this, n*gga
Diamond lane independent gang
Well, pledge your allegiance
I pray this give you that fuel
Damn (sh*t)
I pray this give you that healin'
Roll up that weed or somethin' n*gga, aight
Alright man let's get it

And to everybody who claims to have help me get here, okay and?

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