Murda Beatz

"Show Me"

Aye I Done Seen It All ha Baelove yeah

(Verse 1: Baelove)
He Want My Slash But I’m with the cash he running doing the dash So get you catch all on my ass he want me he beggin to smash
I look like a snack but really a meal I told him don’t get attached eat on me til’ I ever lapse
Tell Him my stopping my hand in his Stash
I’m in his bag he never complain I’m on his face baby love on his brain he do what I ask
He never debate he know real b*tchs hard to obtain I got my own bag but I rather he spend it nah he don’t mind if he got it it give it
Grabbin my neck when he smack from the back my kitty be drippin I’m takin his women
If he tell me no I’m throwing a fit ask again why my hand on his di*k get in my way just to flex
On a b*tch I came from nothin no wonder they sick realer then yo baby I’m a new breed he no object when I ask for the keys he gone submit
Got him down on his knees he ask for the kitty I make him say please I told him daddy I’m chasing a check all about my bag all want is to flex don’t need to stretch and I’m not tryna reck the reason why I keep my foot on yo neck
Slicky and get pretty I gotta him a reck I keep it real he give me respect talk to him nice when I come in direct I live a dub used to be a reject
I want the money to blow so I keep that money in go spoiled so don’t tell me no please don’t think it was a show please don’t act like this yo first rodeo I work him out like good Cartier let em eat me til he over flow tell him to breathe then go wait for some more make sure he happy I give him a glow

(Verse 2: Shaquees) n*ggas already know shaquees in this b*tch pull up on yo block and yo b*tch tryna suck my di*k and she tryna get a bag but she gotta work for it this rich n*gga n*gga di*k it ain’t free I told her to throw that ass back then she might get some of my bag b*tch 60k for the di*k b*tch and I’m taxing in this b*tch with Baelove and I’m tryna f*ck
But when these b*tches get good di*k they
Like to brag to they friends I’m tryna see how good you work I might throw a whole 20 bandz
She tryna get in my pocket to see what’s up in there (b*tch)

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