Go best friend lyrics


Murda Beatz

Go best friend you the baddest b*tch they mess with us they gon have a stitch psst hey guess what (what) we all real b*tch wait hol all lives matter b*tch who the f*ck hurt you?

Lil b*tch wanna fight me but she scared dont say i’m not fresh cause b*tch i’m the prince of belair now this is a story how i dropped a b*tch named Taylor leave her in the dirt then i ran her over with a trailer

b*tch change this beat real quick

Ok ok Taylor you get on my nerves i hope you get jumped by baby birds (aww) oh no you got dropped lil b*tch was talkin sh*t hoe you ain't hot (ok) now this b*tch named Lewis let’s just call her a b*tch i threw her in the lake now she got ate up by fish (ow) that hurts? lil b*tch you derseve it (for real?) i’m finna get on yo nerves and never get off em (off em) pull up to yo house on facetime we was arguin b*tch where you at you scared because you seen the people i been dropping?
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