Q Strange

"Brass Knuckle sh*t"

[Verse 1]
Some say that I'm trash and have the nerve to say my sh*t is garbage
All this pain, no mind, and blow me off like a Nintendo cartridge
Honestly there's others who've been down since when I started
And stay loyal even when I let them down and was retarded
Only known I'm stayin' solid, Agent Orange, Sunkist
Cuckold, said f*ck, blow
I wanna bump this
That's what's up, grab your cup
Show respect and raise your glass
I'm gonna slap that motherf*ckin' sh*t outta your hand just to make a splash
Take the cash, steal your b*tch
Only spit the realest sh*t
Serious, y'all motherf*ckers got no clue who you dеalin' with
Lyrics sick when I drop
But bye Z, my team shinе on the streets
High beams, get on that stage and die
While y'all just plagiarize
I keep it hard but y'all are soft
B-B-Baby thighs
Look in the haters' eyes and see the rage inside
To see a Sc*mbag Superstar that's on the rise!

Bang your head to this f*ckin' brass knuckle sh*t
Show them haters they don't know who they're f*ckin' with
Get in the pitch, stomp kick, start punchin' sh*t
You know what it is, this f*ckin' brass knuckle sh*t
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