Q Strange

"Ride Again"

[Verse 1]
Yo, sick of being broke as I choke on this cloud of smoke
Daddy murdered from this dusty dirt road
But I kept on moving in the times I was weak
It was time when I stopped right in my rhymes and my beats

We got a life that's consumed by this cloud of gloom
Hoping all these rainy days mean it's time to bloom
Thank God for my music cuz' it's saved my soul
Now this dusty dirt road, it is paved in gold

The hand I hold, I fail the fold, I play my cards right
Till I'm stackin' 'em chips up in the spotlight
It's hot, right?
Type of sh*t that sparks a bar fight
Don't believe the locks with a torch of thug light
I switch it up for a change of pace
Cuz' these rappers sound the same
It's a shameless racе
A nameless space
But you dig to switch
Now thе cowboys still wanna be big and rich, ah

If at first you don't succeed, then try again
When your flame burns out, feel the fire within
Pay dues for a call, then it's time to win
When you give up, fall, time to ride again
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