Surprise message lyrics


Sufjan Stevens

So I'd stepped away from acting
I kinda got bored by some of the stuff I was doing and I fell in love with parkour
And was travelling internationally with a crew
But then I ruptured a hip flexor
Actually, the doctor said it was the same thing happened to Bo Jackson happened to me
Uh, his words, but
So, anyway, that happened and I kind of had to hang up my parkour shoes, go home
And I was just, you know, with my family for a few months
And of course I was like, man, I gotta get back on set
So, I take this job, this Netflix show, and I'm super busy, you know, trying to get deep into it
And then one day, out of nowhere I get a text from Kenny
And he's tеlling me that he's in Minnesota, that I gotta comе and visit him
And I'm like, what?
I haven't heard from this guy in forever, right?
But I also heard about Jules being dead since the 90s
Which was shocking
And it was weird because, you know, come to think of it
I never actually saw her, but the way Kenny would go in about her
I obviously figured she was there
But, you know, I rap on this Netflix show
And, I figure, you know, it would be nice to just sit down and catch up
And, you know, maybe even ask him about the whole Jules situation, I don't know
But, I gotta see Kenny
So I book the flight
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