"Good Enough, I Guess."

Day one, day two
Gimme dome, light roof of
Top like haircut, licking on you bare butt
Semi-automatic shoots [?] like ear drum
You and you'r crew mates make no noise like ear plugs
f*ck with me, I can put you on another level
f*cking with the devils, only angels what the hell hoe
I'm a narcistic, angry [?], extinguish my mental danger
Paint horrific pictures like [?]
I can never let you n*gga try and run my motto
What I have been told, quiet like a [?]
Louder then the [?], f*ck n*gga
You can catch a bullet in your temple
My people like to smoke and f*ck b*tches
Your people like to tweet, don't stop b*tching
My people like to f*ck up your people
I will [?]
Switchblade something on my [?], like a [?]
You get stabbed, you get busted like a f*cking breast lift ??
I attack, any n*gga have a f*cking death wish
Big fist, in your lip, like a f*cking French kiss o sh*tttt
Mama told me [?]
Funny how this sh*t works, networking b*tch
n*gga trying up their net worth
I don't care for none of them
They don't with autographs
Ass fat, pass that, weed [?]
I'm a f*cking badass n*gga
b*tches wanna blue eyed blond n*gga like Hittler
Jigga, [?]

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