"​nerves [slow’d & chopp’d]"

[Verse: Fukkit]
Resting my foot on yo' head
I just conquered yo land, had to slaughter yo' clan
Now yo' fans are my fans, abide chain of command
While you swallow them Xans and embarrass yo' parents
You a pinhead n*gga, not gonna spare you
My two cents bigger, still chirp like canaries
I FedEx zip-up, something mysterious
Not no drive-by nerve agent wrapped if u curious
Got my eyes wide shut, smoking my blunt
You a roach—roach—cigarette butt, get put out
Look at what you put out, you a SoundCloud cut—cut—cut—cut-out
Calling yo' hood out
Wallpaper gang members thinking it's good now
f*ck you then pull out
What am I good for?
Sliding my flow in yo' b*tch while my wood stroke
n*gga, I'll kick a door
If it's a stick 'em all, don't bring that tattoo gun
Rather stick and poke—poke—poke—poke—poke—poke—poke—poke
Right where we left off, you actin' crisscross
Scrubbing like dish wash, uh, makes me sick
Like blood clots, Chris Bosh
Shoot at three points like Chris Paul
Use your head as a kickoff
This ain't no kids job
Point that sh*t, spray at the ground
Till you blue in the face while you crip walk, crip walk
I don't know 'bout you n*gga, my sh*t's hard
I eat these rappers for lunch while I sit far, sit far
Away from the crowd cause I know it
I speak like a poet, I don't wanna show it
My actions heroic, they stop, I keep going, uh
Beat yo ass like a favor I owe you
I know I control you, 11 like Ocean, uh
Got my n*ggas around me, we scopin'
I'm peeping, I'm posted like a stamp on that card
You not holding, arriving sometime in the postal

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