"Blow My Mind (Sophia Thakur Remix)"

[Intro: Limoblaze]
Ohh yeah
Ohh yeah
Ohh, ohh, ohh
Yo, yo, yo
You give me love, you blow my mind oh

[Verse 1: Sophia Thakur]
Enemies within the crowd you still found me
You've never been a respecter of surroundings
But I guess if the whole world you founded
Your own will around it
You know what I'm bounded to
You broke the chain between me and the world
It was your love that cut in and fold up your girl
So I will never ever take that pleasure for granted
I'll sever enemies that come to kill what you planted
Look, I can't deny I took my time
Waited for ten you gave me five
Waited on men you gave me fire
You changed the design and came alive
You re-wrote my [?] and introduced me to something much higher and flyer
So allow me to re-introduce myself
My name is.....
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