"SEVENTEEN- Kidult (English Translation)"

Woo wooah, woo yeah, woo woo wooah
Woo wooah, woo yeah, woo woo wooah

[Verse 1]
There's a child in my heart
It's a tough day today
You and I who go the opposite way oh-oh-oh
It's hard to narrow it down

[Verse 2]
More and more every day
Every day more and more oh woah
Everything is cold but oh
I'm not lonely

I'm here like a child
Where did he hide?
To you every glorious day rather than sorrow

It's okay. Your world is fine
You are who you are
It's precious and precious
Stay here with me
After laughing like a grown-up
Even when crying like a child
We look alike. We're together
Just the way you are
Like a grown-up child
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