I'm chilling in the lair feeling okay
Sitting on a folder full of 0day
Looking through these files and I hope they
Never patch em up leave it broke, hey
All these scanners in the road way
Checking for them errors in the code base
Clock is ticking and I won't wait
Time to live got a hacker feeling slow paced

X11 Window Manager, yes I do some damage, yuh
Checking on my privilege like a cis white male in Canada
Then I escalate it, my compiler keep it native
Every tick up in your system timing attack underrated
Bury data in the octets in the segments in your packets
All my DGs keep it gangster all my pinks they keep it ratchet
All my screens they keep refreshing hundred forty four a second
That's the time to live for pixels so its best we stay connected

Got no time to spare, I mark my meetings for deletion
So much CRUD up in my matrix that I'm working through the weekend
No, I got no time for sleeping, got a deadline got to keep it -
And I really like my password so I keep that b*tch a secret
You know
I'm captivated by the captures on my Wireshark -
Keep the hat green like my cousin Vinny's Skylark
F to pay respects double F if you the best
Double F, I stay immortal in my time to live requests

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