Robots will definitely take your job lyrics



I remember way back when
A precocious young thug didn't keep no friends
Didn't get much love i just stayed in the shadows
Waging my battles sharpened my craft on the adults
On the internet i would outsmart outwit -
Along with the handles in my outfit
And on god most of yall out there whining
The same ones told me im wasting my time and

Everybody think they smart - think they deserve
A rari in the garage and a lambo on the curb
But you ain't paid no kinda dues
Get a stimulus check and you spent it on shoes
Is it my fault that you picked a degree in thе arts but you suck
At everything you touch?
Is it my problem that your crеdit card is tapped to the max
Cuz your ass can't hack?

Tired of all these motherf*cking normies b*tchin
That they ain't making six figures working in a kitchen
Man they tripping i got 10000 hours logged in 10000 things
Making 10000 dollars every time my phone rings

Still getting mailbox money
From a spam campaign i sent back in 2020
And that seo traffic that i cornered in a market
Still got them people searching dox on the darknet
Meanwhile everyone complaining bout their wages
You ain't making sh*t while im making web pages -
Why can't you adapt to the future?
Job gon be automated soon f*cking loser

Slightly sick of all this brainy sh*t im doing
Getting used by a bunch of idiots who ain't improving
Anything up on this planet and just want it all for free
Because they just ain't smart enough to make it on the streets
Student loans in a bunch of worthless fields you indebted
While my code running clean on these circuits sit embedded
In devices in your houses on this internet i rule
And i never took a handout never graduated school -

So all you mediocre muggles take a seat
Im compensated for my talent in the presidential suite -
And while im writing robots to replace you cause you worthless
You should learn to code or find yourself a better purpose
The world dont need another barista
The world dont need another philosophy teacher
The world dont need another alcoholic writer
The world dont need another soundcloud biter
I just wanna live with terminator in the trap
With a home so smart im getting brain in my lap
No cap no gas put a lazy b*tch on blast
Til a robot come along and do your job twice as fast
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