Wayne Marshall

"Can’t Fly"

[Verse 1]
When you’re living in a concrete jungle
You got to
Know how to move
If you gwan like a weak fence
Dog eat your food
If you move to tough
You could make the news
So it’s all about the choices
And the roads you choose

With every tick-and-a-tock of the time
It’s a process to free your mind
Oh we’re so close to the finish line
We can’t afford to look behind
We got so much work to do
We got to move to a higher stage
Seek freedom of the mind
Cause you can’t fly in a cage

[Verse 2]
One of the toughest things is when you’re around negative
And nobody wanna try build a bridge
Them never help you build don’t know the sand that you siv
And everything them want u to give
Life is a journey not a destination
So you got to live and let live
Don’t make the struggles in life dem change you
Or your perspective
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