sh*t cuz, Lil Tra$h in this b*tch, yeah
(Who the **** is ZWALL?)
I don't know
I know who I am though
I'm Lil Tra$h, b*tch

Lil Tra$h on this b*tch
Keep a stack, b*tch, I'm rich
f*ck yo' momma and yo' daddy 'cause they made a lil' b*tch
I know you like talking sh*t, just like you like sucking di*k
pus*y boy, you talk but you can't walk, make you sit

Yeah, yeah, I bet you mad now
Lil Tra$h in your head like a mad cow (Moo)
Stupid lil' boy in the corner eating crayons
Got your momma all up in the bed for me to lay on
I'm your new step daddy, do your homework
Need some milk for your bones, run along lil' twirp
Yeah, Lil Tra$h, big cash
Got a thick b*tch with a big ass
Lil Tra$h, big cash
Thanks for the beat, makin' big stacks
Now you broke, haha
You ain't sayin' sh*t, like blah blah
I ran out of ideas
I don't know what to put here
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