Jake Hill

"I love Pizza"

I got pizza in my pocket
Domino's and Pizza Hut you know I cannot stop it
I got pasta in my Rari
But you know im broke as f*ck
I do not have a Rari
I got milk in my glass
Better drink it up before I poop it out my ass
I got pepperoni sitting on the stove
Bout to eat it in a minute
When i get it on my clothes
Rubbin sauce all on my body
I like eating pizza
Specially know im always hot and ready
I got noodles in my nose
I got noodles on my back
Like the hippo and the monkey
And the [?] and that
I love pizza too much
They say i got a problem
Pizza stacking up
From the top to the bottom
[?] eating cheddar
If you wanna make a pizza
Let me do it
'cause you know i always do it better
I got monеy to spend
I got money to spend
All on pizza again
Givе me a slice to last a night
Ima eat it up
And i won't think twice
Ima take bite and ima savor every minute
I love pizza so much that i even
Made a video
20,000 views, YouTube
Spilled sauce on my new shoes
Thats okay, 'cause i got blue cheese on my jeans
On reddit, everybody [?]
Its a pizza party
Better not forget it
Riding through my city
I got pizza on my titties
I just hit a couple [?]
Now im feeling really sh*tty
Gotta make it to the toilet
Boutta sh*t all on my seat
Got me [?] for the pizza
'cause you know i love to eat
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