[Verse 1: Rowlan]
Yo don’t push me
Don’t ever push me
I’m single choice away
From not becoming what I could be
Yo don’t lose me
Don’t ever lose me
I got the type of heart
They try to portray in movies
So don’t lose me
f*ck it you lost me
Sure I beat the devil
But you ain't see what it cost me
I’m not rich yet
The plan is unfulfilled
Up in the hills of Hollywood
Looking for something real
You meet with demons
Who’s drunk nights equal scheming
Who the f*ck raise their daughter
To trap money with, you get it
It’s materials over man
Agendas are full of plan
Realities low demand
People are
Something else
Give chances
But nothing helps
Bring structure when cards are dealt
Be real or never be felt
Take a drive down Selma
Right where people see ya
All eyes in a Ghost
But you ghost when you in a Kia woah
Woah woah
And there ain't nothing like the prize
Of holding nothing inside
Cause you just honest all the time
I promise the feeling's freeing
I know that sh*t that we streaming
Contradict the world we be in but yo
Yo but the end goal is to do it
Everybody want the reach
But will you lead with your influence
And when the world come crashing down
In the middle of the song
Will the bass go
And when your dreams crashing down
In the middle of a rise
Will your friends go yeah
And when it all come crashing down
In the middle of a bye
Will you still go

[Chorus: Dustin Hill]
The sky could fall I'll be right here
Where you been all these years
I been so far I been so near
Nothing’s ever been so clear
So Clear
So Clear

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