"Of Course"

[Phone Call]
It wasn't like this before
It just happened over time
People change
You changed

[Verse 1: Rowlan]
Girl of course I still visit your page
Girl of course I peep the subtweets
When you letting off rage
Of course I know what you want
Of course I’m probably him
Of course emotions got deep
Of course we both gotta swim
Gut feelings a crazy thing
Intuition how we
Search for love
And both found each other missing
How we
End up here
Can't even reply to days
Without a bullet flying stray
Hitting whoever it may
I f*ck my current girl
Like it's our last time
Every time
Cause every time
Might be the last time
We never try
Keep it real
I hate when y’all vent on yourselves Twitter
The tenure to grown to communicate with our fingers
Paid your phone bill
For what
Gas money
For what
Food and sh*t
For what
I love you
But damn
If this is what it was
If this is where we'd be
And you felt this before
What did any of it mean

[Phone Call]
People grow
You can't expect me to go through
All I went through
And not change
Let's accept what it is
And move on

[Verse 2: Rowlan]
We let the puzzle fall apart
Maybe even lost some pieces
Future dated promises we'll never get to keep sh*t
I wanted to be sh*t
Only you and me sh*t
Wrote you like an album
Finally I may release it
Nothing was the same
Thank me later
For the views
Take Care
Of that perspective
That I feel I gave to you
I loved with everything I had
I moved with everything in mind
You sent me dramatic messages
That always crossed the line
Take my finsta to your story
Just to find out that you fine
You at the Dream with your girl
On the rooftop sipping wine
Momma never taught you love
She just taught you to be tough
Passed down through generations and
That's just what it was
Even if it's saturated
And corny of me to say it
I need a circle that surrounds me
That tells me that I'm they favorite

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