Sliding w Dark Tint lyrics



[Intro: Slimesito]
(Don't play with him)
You know how the f*ck we rockin' man
Sito, Sito, Sito

[Verse 1: Slimesito]
I'm popping these n*ggas, yeah I feel like John Wick
Just bought a new stick, now your ass finna die with it
Glock .17 so you better not try sh*t
All red fifties on me, yeah I stay on that gang sh*t
On [?] I turned that sh*t to a snake pit
AR-15, yeah I stay with the same stick
I was locked up with them killers and convicts
Got some stoned shooters and you know they go ape sh*t
n*gga fresh out and I'm back on the same sh*t
Got Marni's on me so you know I tote Glock [?]
Just popped a n*gga cause' he stayed on that opp sh*t
Got Beezy with me and you know he gon' knock sh*t
Got contract shooters with me ready to pop sh*t
Door locking on the block, I feel like a locksmith
Tom Ford glasses on my face, I'm feeling like [?]
Hot boxed whip and you know we sliding with dark tint

[Verse 2: BigSmokeChapo]
Sliding with dark tint (shh) sliding with dark tint (shh)
We sliding with dark tint, AK with a f*cking cooling kit
[?] up the fire, I don't care who you is
Real rich slime so I'm shooting out [?]
You is a hoe and your hoe like [?]
[?] n*gga need a handkerchief
[?] I'm toting a fifty [?]
Riding [?]
f*ck around with quick draw gang that's a death wish
Told the hoe FaceTime I don't like messages
She might try to set me up, I send her ass to hell quick
[?] Smoke making bail quick
I ain't stunting the rap game, b*tch I'm slime rich

[Verse 3: Fluhkunxhkos]
b*tch I'm rich slime I ain't doing no signing
Hop out the back of that foreign, I'm firing
n*gga mention the gang then somebody dying
Your partner got shot, why the f*ck you ain't sliding?
[?] you know that we riding
Hop out, run-down, hit his ass with that .9
f*ck n*gga, talk brazy, that n*gga get lined
You not double R then yo' ass getting slimed
Free the boys behind the wall doing time
Front street, one of my shooters bang g-shine
Knock a n*gga off while he in [?]
Play with me I'll have your momma out here crying
All that flexing around here get your ass slimed
If I want it I take it, n*gga that sh*t mine
My n*ggas down to drill and commit the crime
[?] they ain't dropping no dime
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