“Welcome to Whatever This Is” lyrics


Bo Burnham

Hi. Welcome to, uh, whatever this is. Um, I’ve been working for the last couple months, um, testing this camera, and testing lights, and writing, and I’ve decided to, uh, try to make a new special. For real. Um, it’s not gonna be a normal special because there’s no audience, and there’s no crew. It’s just me and my camera, and you and your screen. Uh, the way that… that our Lord intended. Um… And the whole special will be… will be filmed in this, uh, room. And instead of being filmed in a singlе night, it will be filmed in uh, howevеr long it takes to finish. I hope you, uh, enjoy it. I, I hope this special can maybe do for you what it’s done for me these last couple months, which is, uh, to distract me from wanting to put a bullet into my head with a gun. So… Yeah, thank you. And a warning. Um, I can already sort of tell that this special is going to be a little all over the place, so don’t expect incredibly smooth transiti–
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