“I Don’t Wanna Kill Myself” lyrics


Bo Burnham

Okay. Check that one. We’ll do one more.

I just wanna say for the record, um, that I do not want to kill myself, okay? I don’t wanna kill myself, and I’m not going to kill myself. Um, and if you’re out there and you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts and you want to kill yourself, I just want to tell you don’t. Okay? Can you not, please? Just don’t. All right? f*cking quit it with the–

But really, don’t kill yourself. You don’t want to, because… There are people that love you… That’s not true necessarily, but there could be people that love you in the future, and just don’t. I’ve had peoplе close to me kill themsеlves, and I’ll be honest with you, didn’t love it. Didn’t love that. So just don’t.

But if I could kill myself for a year… If I can– I’d do it today. If I could kill myself today and be dead until like 18 months from now, um, I would do it, but alas… when you kill yourself, you’re dead forever, and we shouldn’t be dead forever yet.

So let’s not. Right? Come on, guys.
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