“Welcome to the Stream” lyrics


Bo Burnham

What’s up, boys. Welcome to the stream. Um, I’m gonna be doing some live play today for the first time in a while. Uh, you guys have been wanting that, so we’re gonna do– This is the title, Inside. I’ve got a lot of requests for this game in chat. It’s some indie developer. I’m not really sure. I’m going in totally cold on this. Um, JB, thank you for the three months. My dude, much appreciated.

Um… Okay. That looks pretty good, graphics-wise. I mean, I know it’s a cinematic, but… So we’re gonna be trying to do live plays every day this week, so tune in for that. I would bе gifting 30 subs at the end of the week. Um, day 50, 250… All right, so this dudе’s been in here for a while.

So is this like an escape the room? Or… Okay. So I can cry. So he’s… he’s not happy about being in this room. I like the music. The music is actually nice on this.

Controls are actually pretty smooth. So you’re in this like 2D setup, right? Like, I can’t control the camera. Um… I’ll give it– I guess I’ll cry again. He’s–

So is the dude big, or is the room small? That’s what I’m confused about. Chat’s saying, try the door. Yeah, well, okay. I mean, I don’t think it’s gonna be that simple, but I will. Yeah, there ya go. Um, okay, Well, I think he’ll probably cry again.

It’s tough, dude. It’s tough. He’s been in here a while. Um, see, I don’t like that. I don’t know why they feel the need to give the hint so quick. I just wish they’d let me… let me explore a little bit. Wha… I’m holding the flashlight like a… like a cop. Why is he doing that?

Ah. All right. Okay. So… All right. Okay, he seems a little happier now. That’s nice. I don’t know. I’ll cry, I guess, again. Okay, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be do–

Oh! Nice. Okay, yeah. Yeah, great. Um… All right, I’m into this. Yeah, it’s giving me sort of like Death Stranding vibes, you know, ’cause it’s, like, it’s f*cking boring, but that’s, like, the point, I think. Dante, thank you for the four months. Appreciate it.
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