“I’m Gonna Work On It Forever” lyrics


Bo Burnham

I’ve been freaking out for a long time, thinking I’m never gonna finish this special and be working on it forever. And recently, I’ve been feeling like, “Oh, man, maybe I am getting close to done with this. Maybe I’m gonna finish it after all.”

And that has made me completely freak out because if I finish this special, that means that I have to, um, not work on it anymore.

And that means I have to just live my life, and so I’m not gonna do that, and I’m gonna not finish the special. I’m gonna work on it forever, I think.

So, yeah, I’m gonna work on this forever, and I’m nevеr gonna release it. I’m not talking to anybody now. I’m just talking to mysеlf. So, yeah, who f*cking cares? f*ck you, and goodbye, and let’s keep going.
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