Bino Rideaux

"On My Soul"

(Chorus) 2x
Oh, Oh
All I know the hood gonna live forever on my soul yea
Off the post had to jump up and get it by my ‘lone yea
Big vibe, I got big vibe I'm, I’m 100 I bring my big lives wit me
I won’t say nothin’ except I miss my homie, he forever in my soul yea

(Verse 1)
We gonna grab it and buss it down, We ain’t gonna stress what it cost
b*tch I’m geekin bout all my n*ggas, I set this b*tch off
I’m 100 I keep it thuggin when I’m next to the law
I’m 100 ain’t got no b*tch in my chest when I talk
Thought that pus*y was gon be pressure, it was less than I thought
She ain’t fuccin’ , it ain’t no kiccin’ it, ain’t no textin’ at all
If it’s murda we pullin’ first, it ain't no rest till it’s off
These little n*ggas ain’t gettin’ it craccin’ , ain’t impressive at all
I was broke when I was little homie, got my blessing in flour
Just hit them paccs when they touch down
Got to break the Mexicans off
Just pull on me if it’s work, I turn my messages off
Gotta watch my ass, so i be leanin in my step when I walk
I can’t come down for no little b*tch, I’m way too
Extra and raw
They ride yo dicc when you on top, they ain’t gon help when you lost
Imma target where I be walkin’ I can't get left in a chalk
223’s them hollow points gonna eat em viscous and walk
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