Bino Rideaux


[Chorus: BLXST]
After I, run up that bag I’m through
In these streets don’t love me like you
Be a broke n*gga, no can do
My lil baby she too boujee, brand new
I just wanna know what’s me plus you
Chop the roof and the seat fit two
I Be a broke n*gga, no can do
My lil baby she too boujee, brand new

[Bridge: Bino Rideaux]
My lil baby she too boujee, brand new
(Brand new)

[Verse 1: Bino Rideaux]
Young n*gga jumped out the porch, I had to grow up
From the bottom this type of n*gga that sh*t mold us
Swear to god I love my dogs, can’t control 'em
If it get dirty around my name, would you hoe up?
Would you still be there, if I never had my dough up?
If I would seek visitation, would you show up?
If they gon make it, I’m on trial count some mo’ up
You can bet you we gon come get it, if you owe us
After I, run up that bag imma change
f*ck this rap sh*t, cause I get bags other ways
If you call me then imma smash on the way
Bust it on me, I beat your back outta place
I’m deep, but I done had other days
f*ck wit me you need to try other things
Cause we the one we the five and we the wave
Count that money, let it pile in the safe
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