Bino Rideaux

"BEEP (Remix)"

Beep beep, I’m gone in her deep
How you get your money long in the streets?
How you doped up feeling wrong underneath?
Ain’t no n*gga breaking code under me
Pull up, hop out it’s on when I see him
And I’m gone take a n*gga soul before I leave
You was mad when they told you I was living
Money be the motive and the difference

[Verse 1 - Zaya T.A]
It be that young n*gga, Zaya T.A
If it's bout no money
Bout no dollars, then i'm passin' you up
I be that n*gga on the roster
Do my 2-step, soon I hear a beat
I get busy, f*ck the process
I love a hood b*tch
Who know how to swallow
Havin' fun wit the di*k
Nah, b*tch, I ain't f*ckin'
You kan go ahead and lick it
But i'll probably f*ck ya friend
On the low tho, if we kick it
I'm the illest just to touch the f*cking mic, lil b*tch
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