Bluddsl*tt *freestyle* lyrics



Winter has arrived and the trees are dead
Feelings and emotions will never arrive
But ill survive
Death behind my back
Money on my mind
I think i need to relax

6 pack in the bed
Triple 6 in the bed
With a b*tch that i fed
But im only young
So let me do what the f*ck i want
Manifest, manifest
What do i do?
Exotica, erotica

sh*t be never changing
Never ever waiting
Wish you could of saved me
Molly on my mind
Drugs on my mind
Death has arrived
6 pack in the bed
Will i ever survive thе pain in my life

I dont wanna pick a side
But they always f*cking arguing
sh*t its going good today
I dont want to ruin it
But i always ruin it
Pull thе trigger ima bad man

Lost in the same sh*t
Every f*cking day b*tch
Drugs on my mind
Molly on my mind
Drugs on my mind

Put me to sleep until i never arrive
Until death arrives
Shut the f*ck up sl*t
Butter cup
Blood sl*t
Holy f*ck, holy f*ck
Holy f*ck
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