Go! Child

"Puyo Puyo Tetris"

Hold up, I need yall to stop real quick, I need a moment of silence real quick

Ryan, what the f*ck you think is 'bout to happen
I think
I'm gonna perish

Ryan, you god damn mother-f*ckin' son of a b*tch
You Puyo Puyo lookin' ass mother-f*ckin' b*tch
I'm gettin' tired a' you
I'm gettin' sick a' you
I'm thinkin' I gon' quit this game 'cuz I am sick a' you
Tired a' spending 30 dollars on this bullsh*t
No ya makin' me go through this bullsh*t
Puyo Puyo Tetris, in the trash, bullsh*t
Wanna run through, in yo click and stab you, bull sh*t
Got a gun to yo di*k, no bullsh*t
Runnin' through yo click and runnin' through this bullsh*t
Gonna shoot you in your mother-f*ckin' face
Gonna spray it with some mother-f*ckin' mace
And it's proly gonna look like you had no trace
Imma go through up and I'm not in the race
I ain't runnin' no race, no tay-k
Now I'm gonna shoot yo ass with an a-k
Gonna get you [?] cuz, Ryan you look nothin' like a paid less shoe

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